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The Bandag Technical Training Team is back hosting instructor led classes in LaVergne, TN. Register your technicians for the Certified Retread Technician, Advanced Tire Analysis, or Equipment Maintenance & Troubleshooting Class offerings.  Please do not hesitate to register, available seats are expected to fill rapidly.


Certified Retread Technician class is an overview of the entire Bandag retread process, and looks at how various phases of the retread process fit together. Certified Retread Technician Certification is held in the Bridgestone Education Center in LaVergne, TN. This workshop is designed to educate Bandag retread facility supervisors, foremen, and teammates on best practices for producing quality retread products.


Participants should have at least six months shop experience and complete the following courses prior to attending CRT:

• CRTAP Qualification Examor In-house Craftsman
• Certified Repair
• Certified NDI®


Advanced Tire Analysis is held at the Bridgestone Education Center in LaVergne, TN. This two-day course is for those who desire a working knowledge of out-of-service tire analysis (OOSTA). Participants will understand why tires are prematurely removed from service, as well as the corrective actions to prevent removals in the future.

Who Should Attend?

You should attend if you are in a position such as:
• Equipment manager, sales person or operator
• Maintenance manager or mechanic with tire responsibility
• Equipment rental manager or salesperson
• Tire service manager or personnel
• Shift supervisor or dispatcher


During this course attendees will learn:
• A consistent methodology for analyzing tires that have been removed from service
• How to determine the reasons for tires being removed from service
• Corrective actions to eliminate the premature removal of tires from service
• How to determine the reasons for tires being removed from service

By the end of this course participants will be able to:
• Describe tire construction basics and how they relate to performance of the tire
• Inspect out-of-service tires using various tire analysis tools, procedures and processes
• Inspect the tire’s crown, sidewall, bead, and interior for specific conditions
• Demonstrate how to use Condition and Cause Codes


In this 3-day course, participants will learn how to correctly maintain equipment within their shops. They will be taught to troubleshoot and fault find on the major pieces of Bandag equipment. The ultimate goal is for all participants to be albe to drive cost out of their current system and reduce the incidence of down-time.

Who should attend?

This class is intended for the following Bandag Dealer Personnel:
• Plant Manager
• Supervisor
• Shop foreman •Retread Technician


Equipment maintenance is a vital part of operating a Bandag Retread Shop safely and efficiently. Maintaining a comprehensive program can have a direct affect on profits, safety and reliability of the retread operation. Correct maintenance practices can reduce downtime and also reduce overall maintenance costs.
The quality of the product being produced can also be directly impacted. This course is designed to enhance and grow the technician’s capabilities to maintain the equipment and troubleshoot effectively in the Bandag Retread facility. Common troubleshooting tips and techniques will be presented and used within the framework of this course. A great number of “hands-on” activities are used to reinforce the instructor lead activities.

The following are topics that are covered during the course:

• Air Systems
• Safety, Lock-out/Tag-out procedures
• Correct use of multi-meters (A high quality multi-meter will be provided to all participants)
• Pneumatics

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